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Jumat, 02 September 2011

Free proxy search engine

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hi guys..i believe most of you already knows about this site but for somebody else that still looking for good free proxy search engine, maybe this site can be one of your choice..

i already tested this site with mae and ulul (another HN members) and its work!!. on this site you can find thousands free ip proxy that suitable for your purpose.

if you want to choice free speedy proxy that provide by PT TE*KOM Indon*sia..maybe you want to get speed connection but if you concern about carding, paypal or something else you can change another country IP

Go to Search :

1. just type this site
2. choose country: ID-indonesia
3. for Anonymity you have seceral options but i suggest "only HIA"
4. you can change option for "last" number of IP that you want to
search or just leave 100
5. click "search proxies"
6. wait for view seconds and the site will show up the IP
7. take one of the IP that provide by sp*edy and put on your browser
8. test your search engine ex: google
9. if you want to make sure the connection speed, you can choice

Several IP mightbe slower than others. I suggest to choice proxy IP that closer to your area for best result and than check the speed. this site will update free proxy every single hour so you can change to another IP if you feel the current IP slowing down.

by : black^shadow

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